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Summer Baseball 2017
Hello Parents, 
The spring baseball season is quickly moving along.   We hope your children are enjoying their teams, working on their skills, and having fun.  It is great to see the kids learning the game and competing. It really shows how strong each level of our program is when you see the improvements at each level of play. That being said, as the end of the spring season approaches, we will begin the process of selecting our summer teams.   
As a board, it is our goal to field our best team at each age level.  Currently, we are planning to field in the majors a 12-year-old “A” Williamsport team, an 11-year-old “A”  Williamsport team, and depending upon player interest one or two “B” level teams. In the minors, we are planning to field a 10-year-old “A” team, a 9-year-old “A” team, and one or two “B” level teams. Please understand that the selection of these teams is difficult, as the pool of players to choose from (5 major teams and 5 minor teams), and their skill level has increased.  Positions on teams are earned, based on the player's performance in the spring season, coaches assessments, and a vote.  The selection process applies to every player.   Every player will be considered.  Although they are called all star teams we will place teams in B/C level leagues to allow many kids the opportunity to play summer ball and improve their abilities.
The cost to participate in the summer season is ~$150/player which includes the cost for jersey and hat.  If your child played summer ball last year and can use their jersey again, there will be a discounted cost of around $100.  We are still getting a quote for the uniforms so we will update costs as we get closer.
The summer season runs from mid-June to early-August.  Most games will be on week nights in the evening.
Depending on interest and availability of the coaches and players, there are invitational tournaments that we can sign up for and they are typically over an entire weekend.  Usually, a tournament fee is ~$400 per team.  Please note, this tournament cost is in addition to the summer registration cost.
Please, direct questions to your regular season coach and they will address.

Selection Process 

1.         The process begins with your child’s coach inquiring about interest in playing summer ball, explaining commitment of time and cost. If your child is interested, you should fill out attached form and return it to your coach by May 25th,2017.
2.         The Head Coach of each team then will nominate players based on his/her performance during the current baseball season and not what the player has done in years past. 
3.         Head Coaches can also nominate players from other teams. 
4.         Only Head Coaches cast their votes from all nominated players to determine the ones who will be on each respective team. 
5.         After votes are cast, the President, Vice President, and Player Agent review the process, tally the votes, and the teams are made. 
6.         The coaches of the All-Star teams are voted on by Head Coaches. After votes are cast, the board will tally the votes, and a coach is chosen. 
7.         Communication of the results is coordinated by the League Director, Head Coaches and All-Star Coach. 


Thank you 
Hanson Little League

****Very Important**Must Read****
Good Morning!
As the new season begins we need to review some very important safety rules at Boteri Fields and need everyone's cooperation.
1. Parking - There is absolutely no parking allowed by anyone behind the old Police Station, the Town Highway Department Building, the access road or in front of the main gate at all times, weekday or weekend. Any vehicles parked in "No Parking" areas will be towed at the owner's expense. Parking for baseball is only permitted in the top dirt lot above the fields.
2. Umpires - There is to be no arguing by any Coach, Player or Parent to any umpire. Baseball is a great game of sportsmanship and we are very strict in enforcing this rule as do not want there to be any issues. Any parent or coach in violation will be asked to leave the property and will no be allowed to return for the season.
3. Dogs - No dogs are allowed at Boteri field at any time.
4. Smoking - No smoking is allowed at Boteri field at any time.
Thank you for your time in reading this and for your cooperation. We are a volunteer board of directors and work very hard to ensure a safe, fun and learning environment for all kids of all levels and ages. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or if you would like to help and volunteer to be on the board or help at the fields. We look forward to a fun and competitive season!
Hanson Little League Board of Directors.







Dear Hanson Little League Baseball Parents,


On behalf of the board, I wanted to update you on the status of Hanson Little League. The Board of Directors and I are preparing for another successful year for Hanson Little League Baseball.  We would like to express our sincere appreciation to you, the parents. Your continued commitment to the league in bringing your son or daughter to the practices and cheering them on during games, along with your willingness to coach, volunteer, or simply help with our fund raising efforts enabled our players to experience a great 2016 baseball season along with the many valuable lessons that derive from citizenship, discipline, and teamwork.


This past year we completed major renovations on both the Boteiri major and minor league fields and they are looking great. Former Hanson little player Joseph Curran did his eagle scout project at the field and updated the stairway going from the top of the hill to the minor league field. You have to see it to appreciate it. He increased the width, added a second railing and landscaped the area around it. It looks great. We, along with parks and fields have plans to remove the rest of the overgrowth on the hill as well. We have purchased two new state of the art scoreboards and are looking at updating the bleachers.

Last season we had 29 regular season teams and 9 All Star Tournament teams. We offered spring, summer and fall baseball for the 8-15 age      groups, which was a great success.  And I’m happy to report that all three leagues will again be offered in 2017. In 2016 we ran our first annual Hanson Little League Tournament. It was a great success. We had 14 teams participate and all that participated said how well it was run and that they plan to come back in 2017. Congrats to our 11 year old team that went to the finals in their age group in the tournament. We also had success in our older age groups as our junior legion team in its third season won the zone 10 championship and placed 3rd in the entire state. Our senior fall team went undefeated and won the metro south fall league championship. The Little League Baseball program continues to promote the virtues of character, courage and loyalty; which are designed to develop superior citizens as well superior athletes.


The cost of operating a sports program for our children grows every year. Hanson Little League is a non-profit organization whose only sources of funds are registration fees, donations from generous sponsors, the concession stand, and fundraising activities.  The continued fund raising efforts are crucial to our success and are needed to maintain all our fields and to keep our registration fees as low as possible. We would like to thank all our sponsors and encourage you to also help us in finding additional sponsors and retaining the ones we have. We would also like to thank Carin Scanlon who took over our snack shed and did an outstanding job.


We would like to thank members of the board who have retired Bill Dever, Dave Goldman, Kevin Leahy, Greg Collins and welcome new members Pat Burke, Dennis Carroll and Tom King. I would like to thank Eric Olson who was the vice president the last few years and really did a great job covering for me when I was out.  He did a great deal of work for Hanson Little League and was the go to guy for almost everything.

We are always looking for new coaches and are increasing the support we give to our coaches. This season we will help the new coaches with running practices and with game management so don’t be afraid to step up!! We are stressing the player and coach development postions within the board and will have additional training available for both players and coaches in 2017.


We have also come up with a new league structure. We will continue with tball for ages 4-6. We now will have AA Baseball for the majority of 7/8 year old players. AAA Baseball for the majority of 9/10 year old players and majors for the majority of 11/12 year old players. Advanced players will be able to tryout and move up as in years past. Our goal is to make sure all players are in the leagues they are most suited for. We don’t want anyone to not be challenged but also to not feel overmatched. To help insure this happens we will be instituting mandatory tryouts for all players 7-12 to make sure we have each player evaluated and the teams are created equally. We will also need to make sure all players are signed up in a timely manner. In years past we have had several late sign ups after the teams have been made and that can throw off the balance of the league so we urge all parents to sign up their players on time. Evaluations will be done on March 4th.


Registration will open on January 1st  and we are happy to announce there will be no increase in fees again this year. In addition to your child’s registration and fee, it is imperative a copy of your child’s birth certificate be on file with Hanson Little League. If your child’s birth certificate is presently on file with Hanson Little League, you will not have to supply one, if it is not please provide a copy with your child’s registration.


Please visit our website at www.hansonlittleleague.com to obtain information about our leagues and upcoming events and deadlines.




The Hanson Little League Board of Directors

Mike Josselyn, President


2017 Invitational Tournament




Field Status
Boteri 2, Major - Hanson OPEN (5/26) 
Boteri 3 (NEW) - Hanson OPEN (5/26) 
Boteri, Minor 1 - Hanson OPEN (5/26) 
Maquan - Hanson OPEN (5/26) 
Robinson St, Lower - Hanson OPEN (5/26) 
Robinson St, Upper - Hanson OPEN (5/26)